Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New Publication in Comparative Philosophy

Image of Nāgārjuna (c. 150-200 CE)
My latest publication, "Nāgārjuna's Pañcakoṭi, Agrippa's Trilemma, and the Uses of Skepticism," is now available from the journal, Comparative Philosophy.  Comparative Philosophy is a peer-reviewed, online, open-access journal, which means that you can read it for free!

In an occurrence of academic small-worldism, I also happen to know the other three authors in this issue.

My article focuses on the 2nd century Indian Buddhist philosopher, Nāgārjuna, and whether he puts forward his own theory of knowledge as he raises issues similar to what Western philosophers have called Agrippa's Trilemma and the problem of the criterion.  I argue that he does not develop a positive theory and instead engages in a kind of philosophical therapy, much like the ancient Greek and Roman Pyrrhonian skeptics.

You can read the full abstract and the entire article HERE.

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