Saturday, March 18, 2017

200th Post Spectacular!

Reflection on 200

This is my 200th post for Examined Worlds!  To celebrate this momentous occasion, I thought I'd pause to reflect a little bit.

I started this blog back in December 2014 with a post called "Philosophy as Science Fiction; Science Fiction as Philosophy."  That post articulated a lot of what has been guiding the blog all along: philosophy and science fiction are not only my two favorite things, but bringing them together can reveal interesting convergences and learning opportunities.  Of course, I also write about other things on occasion (like politics, culture, music, ice cream, and more).  Check out a list of some of my favorite posts here.

My 100th post coincided with the first anniversary of this blog, which means that I've slowed down a little bit in frequency of posting in the last year or so.  It took me 12 months to write the first hundred posts, while it has taken me about 15 months to write the second hundred posts.  That's still pretty good, I think.  It's maybe more realistic.  I was probably just excited by that new blog smell in the first year!  I still have a lot of fun doing this, so I doubt I'll give up the blog anytime soon even if I can't quite match my first year enthusiasm.

Blogger tells me that this blog has been read about 119,000 times.  I'm not sure if that's accurate and I suspect a lot of that comes from internet bots, but even if you make a standard internet BS deduction, I still think that's pretty good.  Thanks for reading, humans and bots!

Having a forum for book reviews was a big part of why I started this blog in the first place.  I still review books pretty religiously on Goodreads, but a blog gives a different sort of forum: more space for reflection and connections to other ideas.

My To-Be-Read list of both science fiction and philosophy books continues to grow faster than I can read them, which is, if you stop to think about it, a bittersweet portent of mortality for a bibliophile.  If I review even 20% of my To-Be-Read list on the blog, that will keep me busy for a long time.  This isn't even counting the random other things I decide to post about.

So rest assured, dear readers, I plan to keep doing this for awhile.  See you at post 300!


  1. Commenting so you know I'm not a bot :D Great work and keep writing! I think less frequency but perhaps longer posts is a better idea. People can't keep up if you post too often.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you're not a bot (or maybe bots have gotten a lot smarter lately). Post frequency for me is dictated mostly by what else I have going on in my life, but I do agree that fewer, but longer and higher quality posts is a good thing to aim for. Thanks again for stopping by!