Thursday, February 22, 2018

Con Nooga 2018!

Me at Con Nooga in 2017

This weekend I'll be spending some time at Con Nooga, one of the surprisingly many sci-fi/fantasy/horror/anime/comic/gaming, etc. cons that take place here in the relatively small city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA (you can read about one of the others, Chattacon, here).  I also attended Con Nooga in 2016 and 2017 (see photographic evidence above!), so this will be my third Con Nooga.

Con Nooga has a slightly more Comicon-type feel to it, with a large vendors' area and (sadly) no con suite.  It draws a somewhat younger, more diverse crowd than many other cons around these parts, maybe partly due to the emphasis on anime, comics, and video games.  There are always a lot of young people dressed up as anime characters I've never heard of, which is in no way a criticism of the kids today -- I love their energy!

This year I volunteered to serve on several panels (I did one last year, which was fun!).  I'll be on the following panels:

  • "Stephen King: His Works and the Resurgence of 'It' in the Modern Age" (Friday at 9pm)
  • "The Handmaid's Tale and Dystopian Feminist Fiction in Today's World" (Saturday at 11am)
  • "Come and Discuss Terry Goodkind's World" (Saturday at 4pm)
I'm also excited for the Hogwarts House Debate (Friday at 7pm), a Lovecraft radio program (Saturday at 1pm), the annual Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate (Saturday at 2pm), a panel on Stranger Things (Saturday at 9pm), "Welcoming Our Robot Overlords" (Sunday at 1pm), and more stuff I will discover when I get there!

Check out the Con Nooga website for more information.  Maybe I'll see you there!

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