Friday, May 20, 2016

Jayarāśi and His Place in Classical Indian Philosophy

"Cārvāka" (Credit:
On May 4, I gave a webinar for the Takshashila Institution (a policy think tank in India).  This was my first online presentation!

The talk, "Jayarāśi and His Place in Classical Indian Philosophy," is about the classical Indian philosopher Jayarāśi, a skeptic and possible member of the irreligious Cārvāka school.  A lot of the talk is about placing Jayarāśi in his context in the rich diversity of the classical Indian philosophical tradition.  I aimed to make the talk accessible to people without a background in philosophy or Indian philosophy.

(Note: There was also a PowerPoint for the talk, which is not available at the above link).

Thank you to the Takshashila Institution, especially Nitin Pai, Devika Kher, and Pavan Srinath, for the invitation and for such great questions (which you can hear at the end of the audio file).

The first slide of the PowerPoint

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