Sunday, May 22, 2016

SAPD – Suggested Acronyms for Puppy Discussion

As many science fiction and fantasy fans are already aware, the Sad and Rabid Puppies are at it again this year.  <sigh>  In a post last year I discussed the Puppies’ vision of the “acronym-laden hellscape” of SFF fandom – SMOFs and SJWs and CHORFs, oh my!  

I’ve noticed, however, that non-Puppies (Happy Kittens?) aren’t as keen on the acronym game.  Maybe this is a good thing.  Maybe we don’t need snarky acronyms to make our point.  Would that be sinking to their level?  Does that make for intellectually virtuous discussions?  Is it respectful?  Self-defeating?  Necessary?

I’m honestly not sure how to answer these questions, but maybe seasoning the discourse with a few acronyms would make the drudgery of dealing with the Puppies again this year a little more bearable, maybe even fun!  

Next time a Puppy pees on a comments section or eats a Hugo award, maybe it would be more fun to talk about LaRDoFs or EWDADs (and no, I'm not saying that all Puppies are LaRDoFs or EWDADs, but many are).  So I present to you, gentle non-Puppies of the internet, the following Suggested Acronyms for Puppy Discussion (SAPDs).

LaRDoFs – Libertarian and Right-wing Defenders of Freedom 
NRCs – Nasty Reactionary Conservatives 
CADs – Cads Against Diversity 
EWDADs - Entitled White Dudes Against Diversity 
CAPPoFs - Cry-baby Annoying Party Poopers of Fandom 
ABDOWs - Anonymous Basement Dwelling Online Whiners

What do you think?  Are these lame?  Amusing?  Useful?