Saturday, January 30, 2021

Pandemic Journal, Part 18: Not the January I Had in Mind


We made it to the end of January 2021 ... and well, shit. Right after I posted my last batch of pandemic journal entries, a bunch of terrorists/insurgents/whatever attacked the US Capitol. A week later Trump was impeached (again) and another week after that he actually left office.

But the worst part of the month for me: I broke my arm and dislocated my shoulder on Jan. 15. It could be worse. But it's no picnic. Not what I needed for the beginning of this new semester.

But I did get to go to online Chattacon, so that was... honestly kinda weird, but fun.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Pandemic Journal, Part 17: Memes for the Holidays

2020 brought us many things: a pandemic, elections, upheavals, and... my pandemic journal, which continues here with my entries from December 2020 (and one from January 2021). I have also been collecting memes that amused me for the last month or so. Maybe some of them will amuse you, too. In any case, let's hope 2021 will be a better year!