Friday, April 21, 2023

Old Grey and Ethan's Excellent Adventure

The moment in Wyoming I realized the road trip had been an excellent idea

A couple months ago I realized that I would have family visiting Reno, Nevada right before I had to be in San Francisco, California for the American Philosophical Association Pacific Meeting (for a few panels, including one for the new Science Fiction and Philosophy Society!). I'm also on sabbatical this semester. I also have been wanting to do an epic Western US road trip for a long time.

Putting all this together, a plan was hatched. A bonkers plan. A long plan. One that I'm happy to inform you, dear reader, came to delightful fruition.

Nebraska state capitol in Lincoln

I left my house in Chattanooga, TN in late March and didn't return until about two and a half weeks later. All with my trusty Ford Focus, Old Grey. Hence, Old Grey and Ethan's Excellent Adventure! 

(Okay, poor Old Grey had to stay behind in Reno for a couple days while I went to Lake Tahoe and then several more days at the Oakland Airport while I took the train and conferenced it up in San Francisco. But for the most part it was just the two of us on our excellent adventure!)