Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Connooga 2024!


Me at Connooga in 2017, which was apparently as blurry as the pre-pandemic years now feel.

After taking a few years off for the pandemic, I returned to Connooga last year (or at least for Saturday in a somewhat diminished capacity). This year Connooga is this weekend: Feb. 23-25! 

For Connooga 2024 I might try Friday and Saturday, and maybe Sunday, although duty requires I be elsewhere later that evening... for the early premiere of Dune, Part 2! (I'll be sure to share some preliminary nonspoilery thoughts of this movie I've been eagerly anticipating for three years.)

This year I won't be on a bunch of Connooga panels as I have been in the past. Unfortunately, the panel track I was part of (Deep Thought) was discontinued. Maybe next year I'll try to get on a few panels just to see how it goes.

I have a few friends who will be going with me this year, which will be fun. Lately I've been reflecting on the fact that I've now lived in Chattanooga long enough (ten years!) to have phases of my life here: an early one where I usually went to local cons by myself, a middle one where I got really involved in both Chattacon and Connooga, and then... the pandemic, which has created a multi-phase life for all of us who have lived through it.

Here's hoping to a new phase of cons, both local and in the universe beyond!

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